Rice Crisis

My friends are discussing the rising prices of rice. Normally each refugee receives fifteen kilos of rice per month. Now they only give us twelve kilos and soon it may fall to eight kilos. We are very worried because rice is our staple food.

Buffalo Horns

Farmers in the hills of Karen State use buffalo horns during the harvest. The horn becomes an instrument when you blow into it. Farmers sound the horn to make poems. When the farmer's neighbors hear the poem they come to help with the harvest.


This is an old photo of my friend’s father. He was a brave soldier who was killed by the Burmese army.


Even in Karen State we played scrabble to improve our English. If we couldn’t afford to buy a scrabble set we would make our own out of bamboo.


In Thailand there are many machines but in Karen State we only have the buffalo.


We made her a basket where she will soon lay her eggs.

A Place to Relax

When we finish work we go to this pond. The cool water is a great relief during the hot season.


We will cook and eat these flowers.